In this edition of #SeniorsTalk, we have the privilege of inviting NTU Arts, Design and Media (ADM) FOP's Main Committee to tell us how different life is like as an Arts student. You are probably having the same thoughts as me: "ADM students are artists so they literally draw all day, like a Picasso." However, Naddy here hopes to share with you more about the struggles of being an Arts student, but along with it, the satisfaction that can be derived at the end of the day. Therefore, without further ado, let's welcome Naddy to tell us more! 😊

1)What are some of the common misconceptions that people have of ADM (Arts, Design & Media) students?

Some of the common misconceptions that people have of ADM students would be that we are flannel-cladded hipsters with impeccable drawing skills. Although it is true that there are a handful of us that are good at drawing, the other handful of us are also on the other side of the spectrum. Truth be told, the ADM student body consist of different kinds of creatives that are specialized in various art forms such as animation, filmmaking, photography, interactive media, product design and visual communications.

2)What made you choose to enter this course and why NTU?

I chose NTU and specifically ADM because the school provides a really wholesome fine arts education at a tertiary level. The curriculum and modules in ADM are really eye-opening and provide really useful skills and tools that are highly-relevant in the creative industry. All ADM students are given exposure to all the different specializations in foundation year which gives us ample time to explore our strengths and weaknesses in the different art forms before we choose to commit to one or two specializations.

For me personally, another pivotal reason as to why I chose ADM would definitely be the faculty staff members that the school has. Not only are they from all around the globe, they are all seasoned industry practitioners that have produced really great works for themselves so being able to be taught by them really provide such great insight to all the classes we have in ADM.

3)What are the best and worst things of your course?

The best thing in ADM would definitely be able to create good works for our portfolio every semester. With the constant support from our tutors and the access to useful resources and equipments, churning out a couple of good works in one semester is definitely one of the best things in the course.

However, by being able to create a couple of good works per semester, it also means that we have multiple submissions per semester. For every studio module that we have, we usually have 2 to 4 submissions per module and this really takes a toll on our time and stress level. But hey, no pain no gain, right?

4)What are some advices you would give to your prospective juniors who are considering NTU ADM as a degree? What is your biggest takeaway so far?

I would say that they have to consider the duration of our degree programme. ADM is a four-year programme and it definitely is longer than many other fine arts degree programme so that is something that prospective juniors should keep in mind. It would definitely require a lot of patience, open-mindedness and drive to survive in ADM but it will all be worth it!

My biggest takeaway so far would be to really do things that you truly have passion for. As students in ADM, we are often given the same project brief but it is really up to our own interpretation to present whatever we want to. Not only would the projects be more fun, it also allows us to raise and tackle issues that we really care for.

5)Why should I join and what should I expect from ADM FOP 2019? And subsequently, life as an ADM student?

ADM FOP 2019 is nothing short of being a totally β€œEXTRA” camp. We go all out on our camp narration and decorations that we make sure that every bit of the four-day camp is an adventure that the freshies would never forget. Just come prepared to play hard in this year’s ADM FOP!

Life as an ADM student would be sleepless but you will all be able to master the art of β€œno-sleep” in no time. But as I’ve mentioned, if you’re a time-management champ, you should still be able to get a few hours of sleep. Nonetheless, keep your mind open and take in as much as you can in ADM. You’ll have so much to learn from your faculty and peers and remember to do things that you are truly passionate for!

With that, would like to thank NTU ADM FOP for their insightful contributions and we hope that this post has provided you a glimpse of how the life of a typical NTU ADM student is like! We hoped that this have helped you make better university decisions. Should you wish to learn more about other courses or contribute, do feel free to explore or write in to us today! πŸ˜‰