We need to first know that NTU is obviously trying to remain as the top youngest university in the world. It’s utmost important objective is to be the best university in the world eyes, so they can attract more talented individual into the school. This objective thus make it harder on the students and lecturers where education purposes may sometimes not be met. For example, a lecturer may be required to focus more on their research work yearly to enable them to stay above other university. In addition lecturer must find ways to attract talented students to sign up with the school. As for students they must study more unnecessary contents as the school tries to make their module more harder compared to other schools.

Basically it means more content and more work for the school objective and not for your own personal growth.

Take for example, i had a Object Oriented Programming module. It’s a Java course which teaches the basics hence using JavaSwing as the normal GUI. The lecturer may sometimes not catch up with all the available resources and libraries of Java, such as JavaFX a unique GUI designer. When i decided to use a more advance and efficient way of programming in Java, some professors may deem it as not necessary because they never heard of it before. In the end result, students who cannot even explain a simple ‘for-loop’ can get A+ while someone like me who knows more about Java gets A- because i did it in the more latest manner. (This literally shows that it is not about learning but just memorizing what the lecturer wants you to learn.)

Engineers in NTU require to do Internship as part of the program, this would give the student a chance in obtaining a full-time job upon graduating. The problem is 3 out of 10 engineering student will only apply for engineering or programming job, the remaining will prefer to do paper-work. 8 out of 10 who applied for technical job, have insufficient knowledge of programming and engineering task as the university culture is to teach base on memorizing and not the practical reason. Let me tell you that at least 70% of our A+ students are people who just memorize the theory but don’t know anything about the application. I have seen students with 3.0 GPA being more productive in work as compared to a first class student. Why is that so? Because students only remember the contents a few day before the exam hence making them forget why it is done this way. (This shows that a majority of student are not prepared for working life)

So ultimately it is not entirely the school fault as it is their job to make the school better (in their case is through ranking, as how SINGAPORE is like always). The school focus too much on ranking that it creates a liability to the student. The students don’t have the time to really learn the purpose but just to get a A grade in their paper. NTU exposes you to alot of knowledge and experience lecturer, but this cannot be fully utilize because the student is already BUSY enough trying to catch up with all the added contents. I had my fair shares of good lecturer who are really skilled, but i also face some lecturer who does not bother about anything other than adding extra egg to their mixed vegetables for lunch.

To all students: Yes grades are important, it is the path to getting a better pay and better job. Grades help us to enter a company as a staff. Nevertheless learning the reason why it is done in that specific manner is more important when it comes to brainstorming. This IQ along with EQ, is the skill that make you advance faster than people who just memorize. Speaking about EQ, it is better to expose yourself to event, competition and exhibition this are the place you want to establish your connection to really skilled individuals or your future workplace.

Content from Maverick Yong (NTU Class of 2018)

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