Hard-selling policies to friends and family is often a daunting task that most FAs do when they are new which probably led to the stigma we have against them. However, by leveraging on technology and digital marketing strategies, hard-selling has become a thing of the past!

Find out below how top advisors achieve success in today's day and age, to accelerate their success with digital marketing and campaigns.

The New NORMN: Leveraging on Digital Campaigns

Here is some of the initiatives that has been disrupting the Financial Services Industry:


2) Cradle of Love

Financial Advisory Chatbot: Educating Others while Generating Leads

NORMN.IO was formed with the purpose to empower the lives of financial services professionals.

As the world is rapidly digitizing, Normn.IO came up with a chatbot to reach out to customers that want to be referred to a financial advisor. Instead of reaching out to clients and expecting rejection, with this new chatbot function there will be no hard-selling involved. Check out their page here.

The chatbot allows users to learn about various personal finance topics, such as: Investments, CPF, BTO and various Government Schemes. Users are guided by the chatbot to learn more about these topics, before finally reaching the end where the chatbot prompts the user to leave his/her contact details behind so that an advisor can tend to their questions.

As such, users will only be directed to a real life FA only if they are willing and left their contact details behind. For FAs, this would eradicate the barrier of hard selling to friends and family as leads will be constantly generated for them through this chatbot.

Cradle of Love: Building a Bridge Between FAs & New Parents 兩抽佞兩抽

Next we have, Cradle of Love, an exclusive collaboration and lead generation initiative for new FAs to reach out to young families in need of financial planning.

Clients from Cradle of Love will be referred to FAs to help them grow client base and allow you to help value-add the lives of others. Click here to view their website

This initiative has not only given back to the community, but has also proved to be a strong lead generation campaign for advisors on its own. It allows for seamless client-to-FA matching such that FAs has a constant source of leads to boost their clientele.

All parents have to do is sign up for a free goodie bag with a free 6-month coverage (worth $299). They will be matched with a FA who will advise these mothers-to-be on family financial planning.

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