Established in 1996, Nanyang Technological University Outdoor Adventure Club (NTU ODAC) has grown over the last 20 years to become the largest non-constitutional club in NTU. At first thought, a typical onlooker's perspective of ODAC is that of going on expeditions, climbing mountains or simply a group of thrill-seeking individuals. But is there more to it than what meets the eye? I'll let one of ODAC's main committee members, Chloe, to tell you more about it now! πŸ˜ƒ

1) Can you elaborate more on what ODAC does and the kind of events that ODAC has?

With a current member base of over 400 and alumni base many times larger, NTU ODAC has great outreach among the NTU student population and the public. Through regular expedition trekking trips (for the public) from countries ranging from Malaysia to India, as well as kayaking and sports climbing courses, NTU ODAC brings together people with passion for the outdoors, adventure sports and travelling.

Notably, we have five subcommittees in NTU ODAC: Adventure Trail Challenge (ATC), Pumpfest, Freshman Outdoor Overseas Trip (F.O.O.T), Trek and Adsports. All freshies who are interested in any of these committees are encouraged to join for a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you are unable to find anywhere else!

Our 3 major annual events are: Adventure Trail Challenge, PumpFest and Freshman Outdoor Overseas Trip. Therefore, as you can tell, ODAC Club is really happening and full of activities that allows you to be a part of this extensive family!

2) Why did you join ODAC and why should Freshies join ODAC?

I joined ODAC because of my love for the outdoors. Usually the people who joined us have the same passion and interests as well. I have always heard about the great experiences my ODAC seniors shared, where they joined the public trips to some of the highest mountains in Southeast Asia. Their stories never failed to amaze me because their experiences are what I have always wanted to seek for, and ODAC offers that. Also, I believe that only through the outdoor experiences would we be able to find friendships like none other. We would usually spend time doing extraordinary things, such as depending on one another for survival when we go to mountainous or forested areas with no signal or civilisation. So, if you find yourself loving the sun and outdoor activities, and you want to create unforgettable memories in your University life, NTU ODAC is just right for you!

3) Β  Β What are some common misconceptions about ODAC that people tend to have and how is it different from reality?

One of the greatest misconceptions about outdoor adventure clubs in general is that we are all about physical trainings and being fit. In fact, ODAC is way more than that. I first joined ODAC to get closer to nature, but unknowingly, the days in ODAC found me a family of adrenaline junkies. Friends you make in ODAC are always so special. Having conquered many obstacles together, they are the most comfortable and supportive friends that I have, who are willing to go crazy with me. We basically eat, play, study and grow together.

ODAC is all about stepping out of your comfort zone - physically, emotionally and mentally. It might sound tough, but with all the friends around you, it has never been easier. So join ODAC if you want to explore the unexplored, have an experience of a lifetime, and discover your inner strengths. With the heart and passion for anything outdoors, ODAC is the one for you!

4) Β  Β What should I expect from ODAC and why should I join ODAC Foot Camp?

You can expect to be immersed in a whole lot of adventurous and fun-filled activities by spending 1 year in ODAC. If you are someone who love the outdoors and nature-related activities like me, you'll be able to meet a close group of like-minded individuals who you can embark on different adventures with. These include climbing mountains, kayaking expeditions and so on!

ODAC FOOT Camp is really a great exposure to the outdoors where you get to experience night cycling, rock-climbing, kayaking, and even waterfall trekking! This is especially so if you do not have prior experiences with the outdoors and ODAC FOOT Camp is where your outdoor journey begins. To sign up, feel free to contact any ODAC seniors or FOOTCOMM seniors, we are more than willing to answer to your queries!

5) Any advices for freshies or seniors who are interested but doubtful about joining ODAC?

ODAC is not just a CCA, it’s a community filled with like-minded individuals. If you are interested in the outdoors and love the challenges of planning events, ODAC is just the right place for you. Do not hesitate and join us when the school semester starts!

It is when you come into University would you find that grades are not everything. Find something that you love doing, and if it happens that you enjoy doing outdoor activities, ODAC will give you an unforgettable span of your stay in University with unique experiences and amazing friendships. University life is a great time to experiment and let loose. Be prepared to grow and take part in clubs to create wonderful memories you can look back to after you graduate. ODAC may just be a good place for you to start from. 😊

With that, would like to thank NTU ODAC Club, and specifically, Chloe for her insightful contribution and we hope that you have learnt more about ODAC after this! Ultimately, we also wish to help you make better university decisions and joining NTU ODAC Club may just be the right place for you to venture out of your comfort zone and discover new places! Should you wish to learn more about the other university-related contents that we have OR contribute, do feel free to explore and write in to us today! πŸ˜‰