After hearing from an NTU NBS student in the previous edition of #SeniorsTalk, this time let us hear from an SMU LKC Business student, whose school is also famous for being ultra-competitive when it comes to class participation. Is that a fact or a myth? Or is that not the main concern of all SMU Business students? Choosing to remain anonymous, this Year 2 SMU undergraduate with the alias of "Antonio" will tell you more about what to expect in this course. Let's not wait any longer and dive in now!

(1) Why did you choose to undertake SMU Business as a degree?

To me, it is the most flexible degree that I can take as of now as I am still unsure of what field of Business I would want to venture in the future. With job security becoming a thing of the past due to the introduction of futuristic technology, in my opinion, it is best to choose a path that provides more potential choices in the future.

(2) What are the best and worst things about your course?

The irony is that the best and worst trait of Bachelor of Business Management is its lack of specialisation.

Risk of specialisation is the risk of becoming completely redundant in the future if some technology comes along and wipes out your job completely. So best to be prepared if you want to specialise. Vice versa.

(3) What is one thing you discover about your course only after entering university?

I discovered that business is way too general a term for a course by itself. I didn't really know what the course really comprised of, what I needed to fulfil to graduate and worst of all, SMU requires us to fulfil 80 HOURS OF Community Service Programme (CSP). Just a personal take.

(4) What advice would you give to juniors who are considering SMU Business as a degree?

Do your homework before choosing your degree. Decide on the potential of the major that you want to take. Consider if the 'specialisation' you choose to opt for will still be viable in 10-15 years time. I would think it's best to consult someone in the relevant field regarding the experiences. Also, decide if you still want to take an MBA after Bachelor Degree. Most importantly, if u do take business, do try to apply the concepts in real life so that you gain relevant skills and not waste your time studying in university.

(5) Why did you choose SMU over other business schools?

I actually got rejected by NUS but I guess its a blessing in disguise since I'm closer to home so I don't have to stay in hostel. This is on top of recommendations I got from people, so currently, I feel like it's the best decision I've ever made. One thing SMU does well it that they really focus on simple business knowledge! Even students doing Law and Information Systems (IS) also need to learn how to write business proposals which I think to be quite interesting.

(6) What was your biggest takeaway from university thus far?

The friends which I have made plus the easy access to good professors. Their knowledge is very extensive albeit some are just there to show off their credentials, so take note of the kind of professors your seniors warned you about. But there are some nice ones as well so choose your classes carefully. 😁 Don't be afraid to ask questions and raise it up to your professors if need be, but I think with the right group of friends, they will be able to help you resolve your doubts as well!

With that, would like to thank Antonio for his insightful contribution and we hope his experience provides you a glimpse of a typical SMU Bachelor of Business Management student's life! Ultimately, we hope this will help you make better university decisions as you transition into adulthood. Should you also wish to contribute, do feel free to click on the Contribute section on and write in to us today! 😉