Short answer: Absolutely!

Both universities are consistently ranked in the top 20 of the QS rankings.

QS University Rankings 2018

This year, NUS is at the 15th spot and NTU at the 11th spot.

I’m an alumnus of both universities and I find that they have a solid international reputation and degrees from both the universities are well recognised everywhere.

A couple of years ago, when I worked as a Research Associate, I’d have to mention my credentials or publish them when attending conferences or doing a paper presentation. In my experience, saying that I am an alumnus of NTU and NUS gets me an ‘oooh’ or ‘oh yes, I’ve heard of it’ or enquiries if it’s hard to get into NUS & NTU. Generally, the responses are very positive.

I never thought much of the degrees or the QS rankings until I applied to foreign universities for higher degree studies. I found that they are well received in both the US and the UK and I am able to choose between the programs I’d like to pursue.

As always, universities have competitive admissions. Having good grades on your NUS/NTU degree and US college admission tests like your SAT’s, GMAT etc gives you a good chance of getting into universities in the US and elsewhere in the world.

Contributed by: Gayathri Raja Ram, M.A Applied Linguistics, Nanyang Technological University (Class of 2015)